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Benefits of ecigarette
Who Should Use It
Starter Pack
  • It does not cause health risks or side effects to the smoker as it does not contain any of the 4000 chemicals present in a traditional cigarette like Tar, Carbon monoxide and tobacco e.t.c !!! meanwhile enjoying the taste and feelings of a normal cigarette
  • No bad breath or stained teeth
  • It does not cause second hand health risks and side effects.


  • Chain Smokers who want to reduce or quit smoking forever
  • Smokers who want to smoke anywhere.
  • People who work in no smoking environments and have a habit of smoking.
  • Smokers who wish to save themselves from harmful side effects.


About us

JET AGE CREATIONS incorporated in the year 2009 has its headquarters at Delhi,India.


JET AGE CREATIONS is a company which believes in providing its customers the best in class, latest and finesse products alo ng with a dedicated after sales support. Our strength lies in our people. The eminence in our solution is a direct result of the collective Experience & expertise of our team. electronic cigarette india